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The Allegheny Creative Advantage

It’s Simple. We live and breath design and making your company look great is what we do. As a business owner, why settle for having to run all over town getting your logo here, your business cards there, and your website and hosting somewhere else. We want to get to know you and understand what makes your business tick so we can help you develop a unique and unified brand across your print and online media. We look forward to developing a longstanding relationship with you!

Avoiding the “Cookie Cutter” Design Trap

Traditional design firms can charge outlandish prices for corporate logo design and other design services. As a small business, that is often not an option, but that is no reason to get discouraged and settle for generic clip art or design work from a “cookie cutter” design site. At Allegheny Creative, our qualified team can get your small business logo done for a reasonable price that you won’t loose sleep over. As a small business, we specialize in design for small businesses and in giving you a unique identity that is truly yours.

Your One-Stop for Your Website

Not only can we develop a custom identity for you, but we can create a custom website for you as well from start-to-finish. We can help you find and register a domain name for your business, design a site custom tailored to your business, and host it for your also. You don’t have to worry about all the techie stuff and how to make it all work. We’ll do the geeky stuff for you.


How can I legally protect my logo?

The two most common ways of protecting your logo are with the ™ symbol and the ® symbol. The ™ symbol may be used when trademark rights are claimed in relation to a logo, but the logo has not been registered with the government ‘s trademarks office, while the ® is used to indicate that the logo has been registered. It is not mandatory to use either symbol. However, in some jurisdictions it is unlawful to use the ® symbol in association with a logo when it is not registered with the government.

Talk to an intellectual property attorney about protecting your logo through a trademark. Such an attorney can also help you make sure your logo doesn’ t unknowingly infringe on another’s trademarks, which could produce a situation where you had to change your logo after it is already

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A Well Designed Logo, the Path to Success

Your logo is to your business as the cover is to a good book, unless it is captivating and sets you apart in your market then know one will know what ‘s “inside”. It is at the core of your corporate identity. Most everything that your business does to advertise itself includes your company’ s logo. Potential customers will preconceive how successful your business is by your company ‘s outward appearance. A good logo will build loyalty with your customers and will convey an established company to prospective customers.

Types of Logos

When talking about logos there are three types of classification a logo can fall into. I will refer to these as text treatment, representational, and abstract logos. A text treatment logo is simply what it implies; it is the company name done in a specific font. Sometimes a custom designed font or modified in such a way that it makes it unique. An example of this type of logo would be Coca-Cola.

The next two types of logos, representational and abstract, included a graphic element often referred to as the logo mark. The logo mark is usually accompanied by logo type. The logo type is often similar to the text treatment logo listed above. In the representational logo type the logo mark is often symbolic in nature of what your company’ s services are. For example, a local tailor may have a logo mark which consists of a needle and a roll of thread. This

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