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Businesses are like books, your perspective customers judge you by your “cover.” If your logo is not captivating at first glance, or you don’t have a logo, it can spell a marketing disaster.

Your logo is one of the most important marketing decisions to ensure the likelihood of your business’s path to success. It is part of your brand and helps customers to recognize and retain your company’s name and the products or services you have to offer. Without a successful logo, they would otherwise pass you by and move on to your competitor.

We work with you to find out about your company so we can custom tailor an image that will help get your business the attention it deserves. Unlike some design firms who specialize in certain areas of design we like to look at the “Big Picture” and make sure you have a logo that will work in multiple applications. Some aspects of the design we take into consideration are: Can it be reduced to black and white for one color printing or faxing? How is readability affect with changes in the scale of the logo? Can it be read and understood quickly so it is functional in applications such as signs?

Having the right logo makes all the difference.

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